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Perfect and Mighty

this is about forgettingThis is the thing about forgetting:
                For weeks you bury your face in the clothes you wore when he was near and the smell is a comfort and a torture.  You decide that the torture is not worth the comfort so you leave them draped across the back of a chair and place things on top of them to stop yourself until one day you shove your hands through the pile until your fingers wrap around the fabric and you yank it free only to realize it was pointless.  Even his ghost is gone.
                The next thing that leaves is the way his voice looked in the dark.  Those few sentences become blurred and rough around the edges.  What you remember drops in your stomach in a different way. 
                You run your fingers over your

for all intensive purposesi am accused of being
a category five--
    but i will not excuse the way my skin aches.  
i want storms.
    i remember the way Katrina screamed &
    if you press your ear to my chest you will hear the same.  
the moan turning into a pitch, the pitch
screaming until the throat is too raw to be
more than a whimper.  
the way it stops
and pauses,
silently racked until it bursts forth once more.  
i will not apologize for being demolition.  
scars exist on every woman
too powerful to contain herself. 
LW: (title page - epigraph)"Camus said that the only true function of man, born into an absurd world, is to live, be aware of one's life, one's revolt, one's freedom.  He said that if the only solution to the human dilemma is death, then we are on the wrong road.  The right track is the one that leads to life, to sunlight.  One cannot unceasingly suffer from the cold. […]  The track he followed led into the sunlight in being that one devoted to making with our frail powers and our absurd material,  something which had not existed in life until we made it."- William Faulkner
"Betrayals, even your own, can surprise you.  They can make you do things."-Lorrie Moore

Foolish and Cute

Bee's Pre-SmutHis hand warmed her skin as he gently stroked the soft skin on the inside of her thigh.  Her body tingled when his fingers danced across the material of her panties.  She wiggled her bottom to reveal a bit more flesh.  She watched his eyes flash down at her movement.  The smirk was all the approval she needed.  
Not wanting to draw more attention to what they were doing, he placed his palm flat against the top of her thigh while catching her eyes.  His line of vision darted around the crowded subway car and she realized what he was implying.  They needed to be more careful or they'd have voyeurs for sure.
Leaning into his face, she whispered, "I'm cold."  He smirked.  Of course she wasn't cold.  
After removing his coat, he draped it over her legs and his hands returned to the soft flesh of her thigh.
She had to keep herself from moaning at the feel of his hand on her skin again.  She wanted them in her bedroom already, but they we
Behind Blue EyesShe lay on her bed, unable to even get out of it and walk around her own home.  Having had visitors most of the day, she was grateful for the peace and quiet her empty room gave her.
Looking across the room to the long mirror on the back of her bedroom door, she saw her brilliant blue eyes sparkling back.  Not a day went by that she didn't look in that mirror and see those soft eyes returning her gaze.  Not since she bought that mirror all those years ago.
As she looked at her reflection, she wondered if her eyes had always been that shade of blue.  The night she was born, when she opened her eyes for the first time and looked at her mother, were they a crystalline blue?
She couldn't remember.  She couldn't remember many things these days.  Old age had taken its toll not only on her body but on her mind as well.  She was unable to remember many things, but the few memories she had were truly cherished.
As a young gir

edgea bundle of nerves and feelings
a complicated mess you can't help
but want to fix and make beautiful again
heartache surrounds her unfairly
circles her mind and claims her soul
she deserves special attention
a strong spirit, unparalleled
unmatched in beauty or ink
if she only knew how wonderful she is.
You're Beautiful, But I'll Make BreakfastAlice swayed her body to the side and slithered off Paddy, pulling the sheet along with her.  He watched her head fall back onto the pillow next to him.  Her twisted brown hair covering her face slightly.  Rolling onto his side, Paddy's hand swept the hair from her face.  He let the backs of his fingers brush against her cheek while his other hand gripped her waist and yanked her body closer to his own.  “You're beautiful.”  His voice was barely a whisper with just a hint of an Irish accent.  Everyone in his family had it.  They teased that it was the  only thing they had left from the old country. 
Her nose crinkled and she closed her eyes.  “What?”  He knew she hated hearing how beautiful she was, but he couldn't help telling her.  She was the most gorgeous thing he'd ever set eyes on and he felt the need to tell her that on regular basis.  It was normal to tell someone they were beautiful w

What sort of sick pervert are you supposed to be?

Journal Entry: Tue May 5, 2015, 12:33 PM

Hey, babe,


Every time I drink I ask myself "Why don't drink more often?" The answer is usually something like "Because than I would be an alcoholic."

The past two weeks have been great. Like I was truly happy for probably a collective 15 hours. Thanks, drugs! recommend it. Being happy I mean. I would never condone drug use. That would be irresponsible. Stay in school. Don't do drugs. Also, manic end of bipolar depression, just aces, let me tell you.

The weather has been Summer house and trap remixes on point. In-person bestie's car has a sunroof and seeing how I spend so much time in her car that is a strong point in the pro column. 

But my mother's family is coming towards the end of this week so carefree times come to a close once more. I use carefree loosely. I mean more like pretending I am carefree. My older bro is even visiting for this family thing. He arrived in late last night right before I waking up to leave the house for shenanigans. Luckily, he was in the bathroom and didn't come out before I departed so we avoided that whole awkward conversation. If he wasn't disgusted by me I wouldn't be as tentative about the whole interacting thing, but everything is relative anyway.

Writing has been sporadic, but I feel on the verge of producing something that is not complete shit so that is something I can be ambivalent about for the next month.

Also, I got a smartphone finally. And I must say, technology today is a marvel. Science is magic that works. I love this thing. Got less than sober and watched Lana Del Ray videos for like a half hour. I did download the deviantArt app but it was too shitty to excuse wasting memory on so deleted that.

I feel like I'm forgetting something, but when is that not the case? So deuces for now. Let me know what's up with you.

Fair winds and following seas,

The Terror.



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Hi. I am easily excited.

I only understand three languages: English, Waggle Dance, and Fear.

horror_filth on instagram

If given the chance, which famous dead author would you fight? Comment why and how you think the fight would turn out. 

4 deviants said Comment with author.
3 deviants said H.P. Lovecraft
2 deviants said Ernest Hemingway
1 deviant said Agatha Christie
1 deviant said Franz Kafka
1 deviant said Beatrix Potter
1 deviant said George Orwell
No deviants said Fyodor Dostoyevsky
No deviants said Ayn Rand
No deviants said John Steinbeck


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I still love you all the ways to the moon and back!
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